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Moneta LLC is a dynamically developing company. Today (a little more than a year) more than 100 entrepreneurs have already become our partners in many cities of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries under the trademark «Monetary attraction».

The main secret of company success is the high quality of our products, a flexible approach to each customer, the minimum terms of manufacturing and supply of equipment and expendables (our personal best is the manufacturing and delivery of a complete set of the equipment with large quantity of various additional options, such as 8 additional clichés with difficult individual design from Tomsk to Moscow in only 3 days). We are constantly working on improving and developing new products.

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20 октября 2023
Акция на все монетные заготовки только в октябре!
1 февраля 2023
С 1 февраля 2023 года СНИЖЕНИЕ ЦЕН НА ЗАГОТОВКИ!
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